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Jeff Holmes

Jeff Holmes

Impressed by God to develop an affordable email and social media faith-based advertising service, Jeffery E. Holmes became the founder and CEO of ChurchBlast, LLC.  After seeking help from multiple resources, to no avail, Jeffery was declined any assistance.  He began to question God, who’d given him the idea to reach the people through a plethora of announcements on upcoming activities such as, concerts, seminars, workshops, etc.  God had to remind Jeffery that a delay is not a denial.  He gave him the idea to reach the people and would surly provide the necessary tools for him to carry out His plan.  With the help of Antwan Stephens of Twanworks, Jeffery’s ideas were brought to life, and hence, ChurchBlast was birthed.

ChurchBlast is an advertising and marketing source, geared towards providing high quality services to small churches, organizations, and groups in an economically conducive way.  It is accessible to smaller churches and organizations, which could not afford the extensive costs of radio or television broadcasting.  ChurchBlast allots the expansion capabilities of sharing events and services beyond the local community, which is an added advantage.

  Jeffery is no stranger to hard work and humility.  The youngest of three boys, Jeffery was born in Hartford, CT to Martha and John H. Holmes, Jr.  He is the first in his family to graduate from both high school and college (Capital Community College and University of Hartford), and credits his passion for learning to his mother, whom he describes as a “strong proponent of education.”  Throughout his matriculation in Harford Public Schools and A. I. Prince Technical High School, she made sure homework was done daily, and honor roll grades came home every report card period.  “I owe it all to a mother that cared and encouraged my best in everything I did,” says Jeffery. 

Although growing up in Connecticut was not always an easy feat, invaluable lessons and examples of faith, endurance, and perseverance were constantly encouraged by his mother.  Jeffery recalls many days when his mother would prepare dinner, but she’d refuse to eat, because she wanted to ensure that her boys had enough food.  A rich history of preaching pastors added a great deal of influence as well.  Pastors, such as Reginald Washington, Sr., Michael Bernard, Dr. Jonathan Thompson, Dr. Walter Rose, Moses Harvill, and Dr. Stephen Williams Sr. are credited with fortifying Jeffery’s stability in not only his faith walk, but also, his personal and music ministries.  These men imparted wisdom to Jeffery and heightened his consciousness on the importance of service to mankind and his community.  Dear mentors: Joan Simmons, Clifford Sharp, Daniel Fider, Daniel Rose, and Walter James steered the helm and showed Jeffery the importance of true leadership, communication skills, and service to those in need.  As a result of Jeffery’s experiences and these individuals’ contributions to his life, ChurchBlast is bridging the gap between the church and the multitudes.

The thread of music ministry has been intertwined through his life for more than four decades, Jeff is very familiar with the gospel music industry.  A singer since the age of eight, directing choirs since the age of fourteen, serving as minister of music, youth director, regional youth director, mentor, clinician, and life coach to varying ages within the music and ministry industries.  Recently, having partnered with a few others in ministry, he serves as one of the founders and an executive board member for the United Gospel Consortium (UGC) headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  UGC is an association of gospel artists, choirs, directors, dance, mime, musicians, singers, song writers, pastors, ministers, and industry professionals whose aim is to perpetuate and promote gospel music, in a voluntary association for education, cooperation, promotion and the communication of ideas and ideals.  Be on the lookout during the late Fall of 2017 as UGC is launched to be a resource and platform for the masses.

Jeffery states “the experiences and collaborations has been absolutely awesome!”  Whether in leadership, administration, partnership, or networking, working with organizations such as Atlanta Public Schools, Gospel Music Workshop of America, Atlanta Healthcare & Music Festival, Gospel Choice Awards, the National Baptist Congress Music Department, and now the United Gospel Consortium, have afforded Jeffery the opportunity to grow and expand in many ways and on many levels.  In addition, these organizations and others have partnered with and utilized the expertise of ChurchBlast to aid in the explosion of their ministry/organization. 

He sums all of this with “I decided to answer God’s call and haven’t regretted a moment.  I’m excited to see what God has in store for this next season of my life.”

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