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William Bryant

William BryantDr. William Bryant has been described as a "God-inspired speaker in the spirit with a mission to educate and motivate. As an educator, theologian, community leader and musician, he has dedicated his life to positively redirecting the lives of youth in his community. Reared in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Bryant earned his Bachelor of Science in Music Education, his Masters Degree in Elementary and Middle School Education and his Doctorate Degree in Christian Education.

Dr. Bryant has been recognized for over 34 years of faithful and exemplary services to the state of Georgia. His innovative ideas to enhance learning and the knowledge and appreciation of history have been a tremendous asset to the Department of Juvenile Justice. In 1978, he initiated and coordinated the first Black History Program at Atlanta Youth Detention Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Bryant describes his vision to organize a week-long program as an effort to highlight and promote African-American history. The purpose of the program will be to expose the students to positive black role models in the area of Religion, Business, Government, Sports and Entertainment.


  1. Proclamation from the governor in1997,and the office of Secretary of State in1999.
  2. Fort Valley State University Alumni Award of the year from the Hancock County chapter in 1970-71.
  3. Elected president for two consecutive years Hancock County Educators Association for Teachers(1974-1976)
  4. Outstanding Fulton County Citizen in 1978
  5. Outstanding Georgia citizen by the office of Secretary of State1986.
  6. Employee of the year by the Juvenile Justice Association 1990.
  7. Man of the year in Education by St. John African Methodist Episcopal Church in1992
  8. Educator of the year, Department of Juvenile Justice 2002.
  9. Boy Scout Leader of the year 1999.
  10. He was a nominee for the National Teachers Hall of Fame in1999.
  11. Recipient of the Whitney M. Young, Jr. Service Award,for unselfish service to the Youth of America 2004.


  1. William H. Bryant, Day in the City of Atlanta, February12, 1990.
  2. William H.Bryant, Appreciation Day in the City of East Point, Georgia, 2005.
  3. William H. Bryant, Day in Fulton County, by the Board of Commissions of Fulton County, 2005.


  1. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity
  2. Prince Hall Masonry
  3. Greater Atlanta Fort Valley State Alumni Chapter
  4. Atlanta Association of Educators
  5. President, Neighborhood Association
  6. Planning and Zoning Board of EastPoint, Georgia
  7. Building Authority Board of EastPoint, Georgia
  8. Boy Scouts of America

Dr. Bryant,is presently retired from the State Juvenile Department of Justice. He now serves as state consultant, motivational speaker and musician. Dr. Bryant is happily married to his lovely wife Shirley and they are the parents of one son,William Jr.

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